前方发来喜报。象内设计荣获APDC AWARDS亚太室内设计精英邀请赛商业类(2017/2018)设计奖。


       APDC亚太设计中心是全球最权威跨界设计组织-ico-D(国际设计理事会)以及室内设计联合国组织-IFI(国际室内建筑师设计师团体联盟)的成员机构。APDC AWARDS 作为亚太区最具影响力之一,历年来不仅让很多优秀作品为世人所知,更为无数年轻的设计师提供舞台。

      APDC Asia Pacific design center is a member of ico-d (international design council), the world's most authoritative cross-boundary design organization, and IFI(international association of interior architects and designers), the United Nations organization for interior design.APDC AWARDS is one of the most influential AWARDS in the asia-pacific region. Over the years, APDC AWARDS has not only made many outstanding works known to the world, but also provided a stage for countless young designers.










MILA Reataurant & Bar of Ebo city art hotel, is a Subordinate brand of Hangzhou Baide hotel management consulting co., LTD. .

Adhering to the hotel culture of "advocating modern nature and comfort", the designer created a green bar different from the traditional bar. In the busy and bustling city, let people get rid of fatigue and return to the slow pace of the comfortable state.


 The hotel's facade adopts the design technique of straight line repetition, which focuses on color gradation and makes repeated arrangement, and changes in silence, which is an irregular unification. Sense of order and integrity, from the appearance of people to bring a sense of refined psychological feelings.


Repetition and representation are not just used in the external facade. In the interior space of green bar, also repeatedly applied line form basic unit, make dimensional combination produces concise, distinct sense, and mutual staggered, rhythm is bright. They are not simple repeats of lines, but space elements with motifs in postorder form, which are reproduced and repeated under the premise of another new form, such as combination, overlapping, interpenetration, transition, etc.


The walls of the interior space use colored sand. The unique muscle of the material itself and the natural temperature of its properties can make guests feel the humanistic atmosphere of the hotel. It is gentlemanly, elegant and full of style. Take the beauty of heaven and earth to nurture its body, giving people a quality of "five senses" experience.


Turning the corner, only choose a side of pure good wood, so that the size and depth of space feel infinite tension. With the mysterious left

blank to practice its line, contains the designer to contemporary design thinking.





Warm and natural hardwood color buffering and the cold fusion of metal cement, here, clean, quiet, space and time into a harmonious atmosphere.


The quietly sneaking of alcohol flavor, induced the hazy of false and real life, the translucent glass brick replaced the thick solid wall, supplemented by the changing light, while giving consideration to the noise outside daylighting and isolation wall, it also opened up the aesthetic imagination space.



BOX in the BOX was a strong BOX design taste, big BOX set a small BOX, BOX and case, stylist is applied mathematical theory, in the limited the height lower digging, stretching the depth of the space, also achievement the concept of BOX of the BOX, this is a filled with exciting challenges, in the design of structure is novelty and interesting development, and meet the design value.





杭州象内文化创意有限公司是一家由资深商业空间设计师团队组成,具备国际视野的创意设计研究机构。秉承“超以象外 得其环内。万象取芯;归璞而内”的真挚理念,意在有限的时间与空间中,追寻无限创意的设计。专业从事主题餐厅设计、精品酒店设计、SI设计、品牌策划、商业摄影等研究。